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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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use. you will see leaders say they started the program to reduce the number of accidents. they use 13 red light cameras. it was back in 2007 that the city started using the system. the first contract was for three years, that agreement was extended twice but now it's set to expire of the police would like the city to fork over $2 million to extend the program for three more years. the red light protest group said that they want oakland to join other cities and abandon the program because they said it's more about revenue than safety. >> oats the cheapest way to get there. the cameras won't get you there, haven't, and it's all about the revenue. >> one way to help as they force -- and be there at those dangerous intersections and be able to enforce the california vehicle code. >> reporter: oakland police can't confirm or deny that it
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reduces collisions. . the city seize $167,000 from the ticket that are about $500. for now they have decided to table the issue and will revisit it into two weeks. we found that the city's agreement to a month to month agreement with the red light camera organization to keep it going on for right now of course we he stay on top of this and bring you the latest as it develops. paul chambers. >> google's founder ask on hand as the governor signs the first rules of the road for driverless cars. new at six the next step to get drivers and cars. >> a 67-year-old woman in grave condition. the woman was walking across lake side drive when the truck turned onto lake side from jackson. she may have been walking home which is just a few block away. the 56-year-old employee driving the pick up is now having a routine test for alcohol or drug use.
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the names of both people have not yet been released. >> a jolt of power equal to a thousand volts caused bart to shut down the civic station. they released this video today. you can seat bright orange park caused by the sudden surge of power. bart investigators now say debris between the rails caused that power arc. the center station reopened an hour later. >> investigators with were back out in lyndon where the speed freak killers left behind a trail of their crimes. we are live where the investigation is a very real reminder of the violence in that community more than 20 years ago. >> reporter: i want to show you alongside the road -- there is still a memorial. the area where investigators found the body of one of the
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early victims. if you look at a quarter mile east of here, past the trees, the this is where the fbi was working. could this field provide more answers and could there we more victims of the speed freak killers? those questions why investigators are back out in lyndon. the fbi confirmed they are doing a site survey. investigators were working in a field, a couple of them have rakes in hands. you can see a backhoe and vehicles along flood row. they got their name after a drug field murder spree. one is on death row, the other took his own life. investigators don't know how many victims there are, but found additional skeletons at a dig site earlier this year. the killer was beliefly
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released to help search an area. as for what agents found out here earlier today and if they plan to dig here in the coming days and week wes have put in calls to the fbi to ask but we are still waiting for an update. we are live in lyndon. >> we are learning more tonight about the south bay elementary school principal accused of selling drugs. the 42-year-old eric dean louis remains in jail. the principal was charged yesterday with five felony counts of drug possession and sales. a report by a drug task force reveals that he had ten hidden cameras in his san francisco home including one in a teddy bear. >> always disturbing to see something that might have involved a child but we don't know that yet. there was nothing found in the office. >> reporter: it's possible louis could face more charges depending on what investigators find on the cameras and
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computers. he is expected back in court on friday. >> a doctor is expected to enter a plea tomorrow to charges she ran a drug operation out of her office. she is a accused of selling pain medication without a prescription. one man who bought pills her died of a drug overdose. if convicted she could spend up to 12 years in jail. >> construction isn't set to start until next year but already protesters trying to prevent a new jail from being built in redwood. the board of supervisors heard from concerned resident this is morn hog say 160 million-dollar construction costs could be used on programs to keep people out of jail. the board approved the project last year and today it approved next year's budget which includes jail funding. >> under the threat of sanctions oakland mayor testified today about the state of the oakland police
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department >> judgement. >> today was the deadline for the mayor to appear at a federal deposition. a group seeking to have the department put under federal control is under their own october deadline to submit documents. >> certain -- she will [inaudible] answer truthfully and we will take it if there. >> civil rights attorneys say oakland has failed to carry out court ordered reforms, following the corruption. >> today the nfl held up a controversial end to monday night football. it's fueling a larger call for the league to end its labor dispute. we have the latest controversy. >> reporter: many fans and experts seem to think the officials missed two things on this final play of monday night football. first we will try to show you a
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push in the back on this packers defender and then of course many think the seattle receiver never came down with the ball and fans here said they hope it mean its the in, fl will finally find a way to get the real referees back on the field. >> it's -- >> reporter: when two replacement referees made different calls on this play it may have been the turning point in a long battle between the nfl and it's referees. >> you aren't putting the same product on the field there and i think that we may well see the event which can bring the parties to terms with one another. >> reporter: the law professor is the former chair of the national relations board who helped end the strike of 1994. he wrote a book called baring with baseball. >> they may have reached to far and maybe not anticipating
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the backlash against the undermining of both the integriny of game and safety. >> reporter: along with a to call on this hit to bay. they say the controversial ending is only the latest in a series of questionable calls. some say its time for the nfl to reach a deal. >> it's a billion dollar business. get it over. >> reporter: the two sides are reportedly not close to a deal on issues such as pensions, he said things can change quickly under this kind of public pressure. >> and you can join the conversation on our facebook page. if the replacement referees have impacted their view of the nfl. just look for it online. register to vote. that's the message leaders want to get out. as part of the national voter registration day, barbara lee
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hosted a for the people voter protection event at the building plaza. they say they hope to call attention to vote id law that could block? from casting their ballots. >> no coincidence that since the beginning of 2011, 176 restrictive voting laws have been proposed in 41 states. it's no coincidence that 14 states have passed restrictive voting loss states. >> the legislation could prevent as many as five million from voting. the deadline to register to vote is october 22nd. you can register online on the california secretary of state's website or visit the local website. >> a chance to speak out about planned toll lanes. the proposed lanes would run 15 miles north from highway 237 to
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highway 84. lanes open in the southbound direction in 2010. caltrans will hear comments at 6:30 tomorrow night in pleasanton at hearst and on thursday there will be a meeting in fremont. also at 6:30. >> san francisco city supervisors have deplayed a vote to let construction start on some of the smallest apartments in the country. they are just 220 square feet. they include a kitchen, closet and beds that convert into tables. supporters say the smaller units a solution to rising rents. critics say it could strain city services as population density increases. >> being driven, think of having your vehicle drive you home, to work, that may be closer to reality after today. >> and back here at 6:20, tracking the fog and how that will impact the day tomorrow. i will see you back here in just a couple minutes.
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. four people made their first court appearance today in stock son on charges of abusing five children in their own [inaudible]. they were arrested last friday. police say that the five victims were abused both physically and mentally and were malnourished. they are the neice and nephews. the adult family members facing 11 charges including torture and they are being held on one million dollars bail. >> the santa clara da's office said it'll not file charges in connection with the shooting death of a police officer's 3-
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year-old son. the child shot himself with his father's back up gun on july 5th. according to the da's report the child's father brandon orlando had left it in an unlocked bed side drawer they normally didn't do. even so the report said that it would be difficult to prove in court that a child would have been likely to find the gun. >> a man from concord was sentenced to either years today in a law enforcement scandal that made national headlines. the former police officer christopher butler plead guilty to conspiracy to sell drugs, robbery, extortion and other charges. he was a friday evacuate investigator for members of the drug enforcement team. he and others were charged in a scheme that included robbing prostitutes and operating a massage parlor. tonight police are on the look out for a bank robber. police say that the same man is believed to have robbed two banks in the last month and
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attempted to rob a third. these are photographs from surveillance video of him from the united states bank on lincoln avenue.united states bank in sunnyvale. in both cases the man entered the bank, demanded money and then left running the stolen cash. >> employees a company specializes in security for mobile devices have found a flaw that could let some ride muni for free. they have found a way to undermine the limited use paper fare card and restore values without paying. the men found problem was transit systems in san francisco, new york and new jersey and then told the transit agencies. if. > new, sal live in oakland with the new rules of the road when it comes to driverless cars. >> reporter: imagine a rush
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hour without traffic or a car that could drive you home, it could be driving me around now as i do this report. that's -- the idea one step closer to reality today. perhaps the -- the governor arrived today in aself driven car. he then went inside and signed a law clearing the way for driverless cars to hit the road. >> another step forward. in this long march in california pioneering the future and leading the country and the whole world. >> reporter: the new law will set safety standards including require age human being to be there to take over in an emergency. that could change eventually. >> you can have a car drop you off here to work, get out, walk through a little bit of green space and it goes off and takes somebody else. >> reporter: he said it may
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reduce the demand for parking. engineers say driverless cars will not be subject to what causes most mobile crashes, human error. >> i expect that --self driving cars will be safer than human driven. reasonablele judging by reaction some are skeptical. >> just because they stay safe, don't mean something can't go wrong. >> reporter: sounds like the jetsons. i life driving, i like the process of driving. >> though you know the computers is operating the car. you never know when a car may malfunction. >> reporter: google has tested driverless car was blind people if you can believe that. 300,000 miles they say without a crash, still it'll be a long time before you can get one. live tonight. >> california superintendent
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of public schools warned today that more time could be cut if voters don't pass tax measures. >> we have one of the shortest school years in the modern global economy to go from 180 days down to 162 days is unthinkable but districts are planning to do that. >> reporter: the superintendent said districts would be allowed to cut the school year by as much as three weeks in the initiative failed. they say the threat is just a way to get people to vote yes on higher tax cuts. >> a lot of fog out there right now. that fog is going to work into the bay area but you may notice it's much thicker. up over the golden gate bridge and over toward the albany area. that fog is going to fill in around the bay. if you go out to the ballpark you know it by the 5th or 6th inning you have fog. these are the highs, highs
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tomorrow will repeat these. similar. some warmer, most will be but those -- a agree or two not a big deal. some areas a bit cooler. for the most part repeats today. into the end of the week week temperatures start to heat up. forecast highs, lows for neighborhoods in the north bay in the mid40s. upper 40s. santa rosa 48. kernville, you will do 45, 44, it's getting chilly in the north bay area. it'll be just like today and lots of fog in the morning hours, the temperatures warm in to the 80s. lots of 80's. tomorrow a 90 but a lot of mid80's and low 80's. the weekend heating up and that is the weather headline. wednesday we know what will happen but this lie pressure is in the pacific. it'll shift positions and move out over the northeast part of california and turn the winds. that can be a very dangerous condition. closely tracking it. right now it looks like a
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modern event. temperatures bump up into the low 90's. if this thing gets stronger we could have -- increasing winds and high fire. the bottom line is -- it's just going to warm up. by the end of the week and the weekend temperatures in to the mid90's. it'll be warmer. the fire danger will be still high. >> forecast highs through the valley. warm 50, this time of year you are into september you are -- late september and the -- the autumn season. upper 80's. that's getting warm. we get much warmer daytime highs. warm, livermore 86, the pattern has been maintaining itself -- for a few day we have had a consistent fall weather pattern. the bay area weekend in view. we will watch the end of the week. i'm worried about fire but overall the week looks great. >> thank you.
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>> coming up at seven on tv36 the holidays on the horizon. workers get the news that nobody wants to hear. comcast moving hundreds of jobs out of california and into other states. the two bay area city that will be impacted by the layoff. >> and it's not an issue of national security but even the president is chiming in on last night's call during monday night football in seattle. join us at seven on tv36. >> the oakland a's are in the hunt for the wild card spot. mark ibanez up next with the important showdown
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. giants playing tonight, we have big news concerning them. >> they ended all the guessing about the future. cabrera, he would be eligible if the giants make it six games in to the blayoffs this he say it won't happen. cabrera's career is over as a giant. he will not play. even if they make it six games deep in to the playoffs. the a's, open a gift for the postseason. down in texas, important
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series. look at that. josh hamilton single right under the glove of moss. it rolled all the way in to the wall. hamilton -- two runs score. the rangers lead early. the 4th inning, a's slice the deficit in half and chris carter evens it up. make itself into the bleachers, solo number, we have -- two, two now in the 4th inning. meantime, the game lasted about three hours. the talk, will go on forever. the reception that is, golden tate pushed off. to get the ball, first of all and it looked like md general i goes intercepted it as we all know by now it didn't go that way. touchdown seattle wins the game. here is some of the post game reaction. >> from my vantage point, the referee in the back i saw him wave his arms overhead which means he was calling the touch back. no idea how the other guy --
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touchdown golden tate and -- reviewed it. >> sucks losing, even worse when it goes that way. >> absolutely. ridiculous. funniest thing i heard was that quarterback for seattle, first to throw a game winning interception. >> just all hands on it. >> says it. >> thank you mark. >> coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, new details about how a man walked on to the campus of a school and kidnapped a 9-year-old. whale we are learning about that and how the girl managed to escape. thank you for trusting us. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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